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B&F Management is a privately owned, fully integrated real estate management and investment company that focuses on acquiring, repositioning and operating multifamily and mixed-use properties throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

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Property Management

As a seasoned management company, B&F Management is a best-in-class operator.  We manage every property well by positioning it for maximum value through superior marketing, leasing and operational processes.  Our management style facilitates efficient decision-making through open communication between corporate and on-site management and maintenance staff. Our expertise includes renovation, repositioning and lease-up of both small and large garden-style, mid-rise and hi-rise multifamily and mixed-use properties.


We ensure efficient and cost-effective management by reviewing and improving every aspect of the property's operations.  We provide the following services: Property Management, Asset Management, Value-Add Redevelopment, Deal sourcing, Account Reporting, Capital Expense Management and Marketing.  We also have an expertise in managing affordable housing assets (FHA-Insured and Section 8 Housing).


Multifamily Investments

Our acquisition and repositioning strategies at B&F Management rely on more than 20 years of experience in identifying well-priced multifamily properties where we can add value by making both capital, leasing and operational improvements.  We exercise flexibility and financial discipline as we take advantage of market conditions and valuation trends.


Deal flow is sourced though local relationships in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut markets.  We have the ability to capitalize on our expertise across multiple company disciplines to evaluate opportunities and risks associated with each investment. Acquisition Targets: Multifamily and Mixed-Use properties.  Value-add assets: Properties that require moderate to significant physical renovation that will result in better rent pricing.  Properties that need operational repositioning through efficiency and lowered expenses as well as locations where rent levels are at a lower price point than comparable assets.


Previous Investments

Aspen Stratford Apartments (Newark, NJ) - a 115-unit FHA-insured multifamily property acquired for $5,700,000.  Property was later sold for $7,000,000.

1845-1851 7th Avenue (New York, NY) - (7th Avenue & 112th Street) a 48-unit multifamily property acquired for $1,700,000.  15 units were rehabilitated.  Property was later sold for $8,200,000. 


124 West 114th Street (New York, NY) - 60-unit multifamily property (HUD Article V deal) purchased for $4,000,000.  Increased HAP Section 8 rents under the Mark-up-to-Market program by $400,000.  Property was later sold for $8,500,000.

107-113 West 109th Street (New York, NY) - a 45-unit multifamily property purchased for $4,000,000.  Increased HAP Section 8 rents under the Mark-up-to-Market program by $350,000.  Property was later sold for $8,000,000.

Oakwood Gardens (Mount Vernon, NY) - a 100-unit multifamily property purchased for $7,300,000.  Increased HAP Section 8 rents.  Current value is around $14,000,000.

Multifamily Portfolio (Memphis, TN) - a 1,152-unit multifamily portfolio acquired for $4,000,000.  The Principals redeveloped all 1,152 units with a $20,000,000 capital improvement program.  The Portfolio was later sold for $42,000,000.

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